28 September 2006

About Me


We are living in a world dominated by technology. Technology has the driving force for long-term economic growth. IT has emerged as the foundation of new changes. IT cover all activities and technologies that involve managing of information by electronic means, i.e. information acquisition, search, retrieval , processing, transmission and control. Improvements in IT have had effect of transforming production processes, market transactions and institutional linkage. The present state of art IT has allowed organizations to completely wipe out the difference in time as well as distance. There are networks everywhere at global level, country level and various regions within the country. Communication through satellite have become fast and effective. Computer is shrunk in size but grown I potential. Computer is moved away from isolation ward to peoples hand . Computer no longer instill fear or mystery, They have become user-friendly. That is why ,I am on net with you...

" Happiness is not perfect,..... until it is shared " . Am I correct ? answer is yours....... I enjoy my life enormously, but I wouldn't want to be selfish and keep all the fun to myself. I find that ,more I can help others to smile, to laugh, and to achieve their dreams, the happier I become. I value compassion, generosity, honesty & creativity. I am very outgoing and enthusiastic. I am perpetually positive, happy and Inspired.

My Interests

I enjoy music, travel, dine out, watch movies and various Indoor / outdoor sports. Doing hobby electronic projects
Contact Me : stanlydc@yahoo.com

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